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FireScope Inc. has been successfully delivering its Stratis platform for over a year now. Stratis leverages the persistence scalability of MongoDB for all of its backend persistence operations. Our experience in transitioning from a relational SQL persistence architecture to the more scalable NoSQL persistence architecture has been highly successful. Yet with any new technology there are always challenges and unforeseen "opportunities" for improvement. One such "opportunity" has been addressing the file fragmentation that appears in some collections for certain use cases. The most problematic use case is in collections where a documents size is often increased via document appending. In this scenario MongoDB must recognize that the intended update will result in a document that no longer fits into its currently allocated space on disk and must therefore allocate mo... (more)

Real-World Application Performance with MongoDB

Recently FireScope Inc. introduced the general availability of its Stratis product. Stratis brings all of the FireScope Unify capabilities to the cloud, with the added advantage of a new architecture that delivers near infinite scalability. Moreover, the new Stratis architecture provides scalability at all application layers including its back-end operations, which were newly designed to leverage the benefits of MongoDB. In this article we will discuss several of the architecture choices that were made as part of this effort with the hope that others might benefit from the resear... (more)

Interface All Boundaries

Experienced developers know many of the benefits of and motivations for using interface-based design principles. Interfaces provide for polymorphic behavior by hiding the implementation and only exposing the relevant public methods of the implementing class. What may be less appreciated is that the use of interfaces, when applied to an entire application, can provide for application isolation, while at the same time enhancing testing capabilities. In this article we'll explore the use of interfaces at all application boundaries and gain an appreciation for why we should consider, ... (more)

Genesis of a Genetic Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how a good idea is transformed into business value? Have you ever thought how does someone take an abstract idea and produce business value from apparent nothingness? Have you ever postulated what can you do to leverage the assets at your disposal for the greater good? If so, than sit tight because you are about to take a journey that will equip your inquisitiveness with the step by step actions that FireScope took when it transformed its corporate wide historical metrics from passive data asset into the next level of business intelligence. With unique ins... (more)